Healthy Eating

Grant’s Foods are free from artificial colours, flavours
and preservatives. Our aim is to produce great tasting,
delicious food using natural ingredients.

Look out for our ‘Free from’ symbol on all our cans.



How we cook your food

At Grant’s we can your food when all the ingredients are completely fresh.
This ensures the flavours, vitamins and minerals are at their height – the goodness is quite literally ‘locked in’.
The canning process pressure cooks the food in the can, retaining most of the nutritional value and sealing and preserving the contents.
No Preservatives
All this means no preservatives are required.

Our Canning Process

Natural ingredients nothing else

Healthy eating for the whole family

See how easy it is for Lucy to make a healthy, balanced meal using Grant’s Chicken Casserole for George’s dinner.

Take a look at our product range to check out all the different meal varieties we produce, as well as serving suggestions and nutritional information.

If you have any healthy recipes ideas for our products send them to us for the chance to win fantastic prizes and see your recipe published on our site. More info.

Try our Healthy Recipes

What's on the menu? Sick of boring, tasteless diet ready meals?
Try some of these healthy recipes!

link for Spanish Rice

Spanish Rice

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link for Black Pudding Salad

Black Pudding Salad

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link for A&B Roll Sandwich

A&B Roll Sandwich

View the recipe

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