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Grant’s Foods launches ‘Chef’s Choice’ Canned Ready Meals

Grant’s Foods Ltd has broadened its product range within the Food Service sector and has recently launched a selection of canned catering products named ‘Chef’s Choice’. This range consists of 8 products and includes delicious pie fillings such as Stewed Steak, Steak & Kidney and Minced Beef & Onion, an authentic selection of Chicken and Beef curries as well as the old Mexican favourite Chilli con Carne and Vegetable Chilli.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Chef’s Choice Range. These great tasting, convenient products are made from the best quality ingredients from local suppliers. They also look great on shelf in Cash and Carries with their bight, colourful packaging.” Claire Inglis, Account Marketing Manager.

This range has been developed with the help of Chef’s and Caterers and all the products are ‘free from’ artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. This allows for chefs to be creative with these dishes and add extra seasoning, spices, peppers etc in order to create ‘ownership’ of the dish.

“Grant’s Chef’s Choice products are ‘must haves’ for keeping in the store room. They save me and my staff a great deal of time in preparing meals and my customers always compliment how much they enjoy our Steak Pies, Curries and Chilli nachos.” David Game, Chef and Restaurant owner.

Grant’s Chef’s Choice range will be available from Booker Wholesale from March 2014.